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Client Reviews

My husband and I attended counselling with Karen individually and as a couple.

Karen was always professional, providing a confidential and trusting environment that gave us the opportunity to address issues we were facing individually and within our relationship.

Karen worked with us in a manner that was respectful and non-judgemental.

Karen listened, and as a result was able to offer suggestions, advise and solutions to the issues we were facing individually and as a couple.

Our time with Karen was very beneficial and valuable.

P & S

I found Karen incredibly easy to talk to, open up and feel safe with. She is amazingly compassionate and shares her own experiences to show you that you’re not alone in your struggle.

I found her humble, kind and intuitive. She used art therapy with me which I can highly recommend. She’s a wonderful therapist.


Colleague Reviews

Quotes from the supervisory and placement reports, including Karen’s abilities in communicating with colleagues and clients.

Karen has had placements at Barnardos, Link House Agency and ‘The Nest’ The Salvation Army and undertaken voluntary work at church, The Food Bank at The Salvation Army and people of the Christchurch earthquake. 

Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, Tauranga

Karen is a warm, cheerful, friendly, and compassionate person, who values people and relationships.  Her core values include integrity, honesty, respect, and trust, which she exhibits to all persons.  Karen carries a strong sense of justice and equality and is able to share honesty with others when the need arises. She can manage and prioritise her work load and time management effectively to meet deadlines.  Karen has acquired strong communication skills and demonstrated a high ability to succeed and attain her goals, to a high level and standard, both academically and professionally.

Karen completed her Bachelor of Counselling with us and has integrated Narrative Therapy and Person-Centred Therapy ideas into her practice in an advanced way.  She achieved a very good outcome in her final practicum and incorporates a range of integrative therapies which guide her counselling practice.  Karen has a great deal of potency in her work which reflects her core values of life.

Karen has excellent micro skills, exploring both context and meanings while flowing into a cognitively and narratively informed exploration that is trusting of the client, allowing space for clients to ponder and explore issues.  She shows considerable competence in managing a therapeutic relationship over a period of time and is able to articulate what she is doing and why, with a high level of insight.  Karen works effectively with good collaboration in goal-setting and movement forward, making effective use of the supervisory relationship and her supervisor affirms her ethical practice.

Karen has counselled individual clients including children and young people.  Her caseload has offered her the chance to work with a mix of ethnicities and ages, and a variety of presenting issues.  Karen has grown in confidence and taken advantage of learning and training opportunities as they arise.  Link House has received excellent feedback about Karen’s work.  She is a careful practitioner and very aware of ethical practice and ethical dilemmas which she brings to supervision appropriately. She fits in very well and staff interacts with her positively.

Paula Clements, Manager, Link House

I have been impressed with how much Karen brought to supervision around ethical issues, and her awareness of potential dilemmas. She has been very open in her discussions around this and has brought issues to supervision with due haste and diligence.

Karen always prepares for supervision and is well organised. Her personal goal setting has stayed strong yet adaptable throughout the year, as well as her work with clients around their goals, particularly in the early sessions.

Mike Murphy-Scanlon, Clinical Supervisor.

Karen has now integrated well into the team here.  She is willing to help out and bring a devotion and prayer. Karen is very good at her reviewing and record keeping and able to set personal and work goals.

Marion Hunt, Counselling Manager, ‘The Nest’, The Salvation Army.

A great team player, open and honest - Karen is committed to counselling.

John Robinson, Tutor, Vision College.

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